Patient Education

How to Leave a Rating on TrialScout?

The Ask Did you know there are five million Americans who have participated in a clinical trial? Without these participants, new medicines and innovative treatment options would not be possible. We...
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eSource and eConsent

How eSource and eConsent Change the Future of Clinical Trials

Throughout the history of clinical trials, record keeping has been a very manual process with paper and physical logs. As anyone can see, it could become quite problematic to use such an outdated...
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Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials Consist of Four Phases: What are they?

Clinical trials is a term that many people have heard, but not enough seem to know about. Conducted to collect data about the efficiency and safety of a potential new treatment option, clinical...
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Mike Straw

Mike Straw is the lead developer at TrialScout. With the visitor in mind, Mike's primary focus is to make sure TrialScout is not only easy on the eyes but easy to use for everyone. In addition to development, he helps create content and graphics for TrialScout. Mike is also is a veteran journalist who has been lucky enough to travel across the United States and Canada while having his work appear on major outlets such as Yahoo! and Sports Illustrated. When not focusing on his work, Mike spends his free time honing his craft as a guitarist while writing his own music.

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