Volunteering in a Clinical Trial

The Importance of Volunteering in a Clinical Trial

I have always been someone that loves to volunteer and help the local community. I have participated in food drives, given back to the local animal shelter and volunteered at my local ambulance corp....
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Patient Experience

Amazon, Uber, Yelp...Why Not Clinical Trials?

So you call an Uber, you see your driver has a low rating, do you really want to get in the car or are you now feeling skeptical? Or picture this- you are going on a weekend trip with your friends...
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Francesca Dominianni

Francesca Dominianni is a Marketing and Strategy Intern at TrialScout. She is a full-time undergraduate student at the University at Buffalo studying both Marketing and Operations and Supply Chain Management. Outside of the classroom she holds leadership positions for both her sorority and the Inter-Greek Council. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family.

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