Heart Health

Heart Month – Love Your Heart!

February is Heart Month! It’s that time of year to become more aware of and to celebrate our heart. After all, the fist-sized organ literally pumps life through our bodies non-stop. The heart...
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Clinical Research as a Care Option

Let’s Talk About Your Thyroid Gland and the Importance of its Health

“What is this clinical trial blogger doing talking about my thyroid gland?”  Because it’s January. And January is Thyroid Awareness Month. And because my passion is to educate and help people...
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Clinical Trials

Your Clinical Trial Journey: Understanding the Clinical Trial Landscape

As you embark on your clinical trial journey, you may be asking:
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Clinical Research

A Shift in Health Care: Utilizing Clinical Research as a Care Option (CRAACO)

If you are sick, you will most likely visit your primary care doctor. If you have an illness that requires specialized care, you will most likely go to a doctor that was referred to you by your...
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Clinical Research

New to Clinical Research? Bringing the Clinical Research Opportunity to You

Your Right to Have Equal Opportunity Bringing the opportunity to participate in clinical trials to you and your doctor is a necessity. You should have an equal opportunity to participate in the...
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Amy Rochford

Amy is a data analyst and self-described jack-of-all-trades at TrialScout. Amy is a transplant who moved to Buffalo three years ago, bringing experience from multiple industries including clinical trial operations, physician office management, and travel and tourism management. Amy’s time is consumed by her husband, two young boys, two dogs, and many foster dogs.
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