Patient Education

How to Leave a Rating on TrialScout?

The Ask Did you know there are five million Americans who have participated in a clinical trial? Without these participants, new medicines and innovative treatment options would not be possible. We...
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Volunteering in a Clinical Trial

The Importance of Volunteering in a Clinical Trial

I have always been someone that loves to volunteer and help the local community. I have participated in food drives, given back to the local animal shelter and volunteered at my local ambulance corp....
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Patient Experience

Amazon, Uber, Yelp...Why Not Clinical Trials?

So you call an Uber, you see your driver has a low rating, do you really want to get in the car or are you now feeling skeptical? Or picture this- you are going on a weekend trip with your friends...
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eSource and eConsent

How eSource and eConsent Change the Future of Clinical Trials

Throughout the history of clinical trials, record keeping has been a very manual process with paper and physical logs. As anyone can see, it could become quite problematic to use such an outdated...
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Heart Health

Heart Month – Love Your Heart!

February is Heart Month! It’s that time of year to become more aware of and to celebrate our heart. After all, the fist-sized organ literally pumps life through our bodies non-stop. The heart never...
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Clinical Trials - Jan 20, 2019

Let’s Talk About Your Thyroid Gland and the Importance of its Health

“What is this clinical trial blogger doing talking about my thyroid gland?”  Because it’s January. And January is Thyroid Awareness Month. And because my passion is to educate and help people understand that clinical research as...
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Clinical Research - Dec 27, 2018

Your Clinical Trial Journey: Understanding the Clinical Trial Landscape

As you embark on your clinical trial journey, you may be asking: What happens before the drug gets tested in humans? What is a clinical trial? How come some clinical trials have few participants and some have hundreds or...
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Clinical Trials - Nov 20, 2018

Clinical Trials Consist of Four Phases: What are they?

Clinical trials is a term that many people have heard, but not enough seem to know about. Conducted to collect data about the efficiency and safety of a potential new treatment option, clinical trials are multi-level processes...
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Clinical Trials - Nov 15, 2018

Debunk Clinical Trial Comics with Your Ratings!

With each day that passes there is no denying that the art of reading the newspaper has dwindled. “In 1960, there were 1,763 total daily newspapers (morning and evening) with a total circulation of 58,882,000; in 2014, there were...
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Clinical Research - Nov 7, 2018

A Shift in Health Care: Utilizing Clinical Research as a Care Option (CRAACO)

If you are sick, you will most likely visit your primary care doctor. If you have an illness that requires specialized care, you will most likely go to a doctor that was referred to you by your primary care. The medicine you...
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