Colin Myers - Nov 29, 2018

TrialScout: The Friendly New Way to Engage Clinical Trial Patients



Patients considering clinical trials are searching for a research center they can trust. Before they choose a clinical trial, they choose the research organization first; and until now, it’s been hard for patients to make that connection. TrialScout bridges that gap by providing peer support, trusted guidance, and rich profiles of relevant research organizations. Clinical Trials Central for Patients and Families

TrialScout is the only objective, independent resource that educates and helps patients evaluate clinical trials centers using ratings. Its ratings are based on quality, experience and infrastructure data derived from publicly available datasets, as well as the most important input of all – reviews from their own patients.

Patients use online reviews to select their doctors, and with TrialScout, they will now use online reviews to choose your organization.

By joining the TrialScout community, your organization builds trust with motivated patients seeking clinical trials, tells the story of your clinical trials center, and enhances your organization’s brand.


The Benefits of TrialScout to Clinical Trial Sites

Should you decide to partner with TrialScout, you will receive the following benefits from the TrialScout Service. Specifically, our partners benefit from:

  • Optimized placement in clinical trials search results within TrialScout
  • Brand enhancement with stylized, enriched profiles and prominent positioning throughout the site
  • Most importantly, our proprietary Search Engine Optimization and Marketing program is designed to highlight your entire clinical trials program rather than one trial at a time.

Learn more about the friendly new way to engage clinical trials patients by downloading the FREE e-book:

Re-thinking Patient Clinical Trial Engagement: A Guide for Research Centers

Written by Colin Myers

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