Rachael Pollinger - Dec 10, 2019

TrialScout Nested News

TrialScout is excited to announce a weekly news series! Every Tuesday, we will be sharing interesting articles on what's new in clinical research, healthcare, patient experience, and technology! Don't forget to check back next week for new reads!


Potential new Alzheimer's drug presented a major clinical trial conference(BioSpace)

Enhancing Patient Engagement Through eClinical Technology (PharamVoice.com)

Another Benefit from Coffee: It Can Reduce Risk of Metabolic Syndrome (healthline)

Antibody Enters Clinical Trial for Treatment of B Cell Actue Lymphoblastic Leukemia (Technology Networks)

Top 10 Drug Discovery News Stories of 2019 (Technology Networks)

A clinical trial saved my life. So why aren't more cancer patients enrolling? (CAL Matters)


Also, be sure to check out the Clinical Trials Hidden Gem’s Series on Wausau, Wisconsin! (TrialScout)

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Written by Rachael Pollinger

Rachael Pollinger is the marketing lead at TrialScout. When she is not blogging, Rachael oversees the content creation, social media and events for our company. After graduating from Niagara University, she began her career in the marketing department at a local healthcare organization where she learned graphic design, social media marketing, community relations and print advertising. In her free time, she enjoys cycling through the city of Buffalo and exploring new coffee shops.

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