Rachael Pollinger - Sep 19, 2018

Top 4 Reasons It’s Difficult for Patients to Find the Right Clinical Trial


We have all seen the statistics. Clinical trial studies rarely hit their enrollment targets. And patients drop out of trials far too frequently. What is most troubling about these statistics is there exists a large number of patients who COULD participate in a clinical trial, but they lack the awareness of clinical trial opportunities. Furthermore, when patients do complete a clinical trial, they overwhelmingly say they would do it again. Clearly we are missing an opportunity. So what is happening here? Why the disconnect? Thousands of people are looking online for clinical trial information every day. But clearly they are coming up short. It all boils down to a poor, unsatisfying online search experience. When looking for answers to most questions, we go to the Internet. And in this day and age the answer is usually a few keystrokes away. That isn’t the case if you are curious about clinical trials.

The Top 4 Reasons It's Difficult for Patients to Find the Right Clinical Trial 

  1. Too technical: A long list of clinical trials with technical information most people don’t understand

  2. Impersonal: There is zero guidance from people who have been through a clinical trial before

  3. Hard to relate: Educational content out there speaks to how a drug is made, not the patient experience

  4. Distrust: Patients are skeptical of information coming from large pharmaceutical companies, but they do trust medical institutions they’re familiar with

For more data and information to help patients find your clinical trials, download the e-book "Transforming Patient Engagement in Clinical Trials: A Guide for Research Centers.

Written by Rachael Pollinger

Rachael Pollinger is the marketing lead at TrialScout. When she is not blogging, Rachael oversees the content creation, social media and events for our company. After graduating from Niagara University, she began her career in the marketing department at a local healthcare organization where she learned graphic design, social media marketing, community relations and print advertising. In her free time, she enjoys cycling through the city of Buffalo and exploring new coffee shops.

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