Colin Myers - Oct 12, 2018

Peer Review: The Essential Ingredient in the Patient’s Clinical Research Experience


The Incredible Value of Online Ratings and Reviews

Healthcare decisions are some of the most important decisions we make. And while it used to be the case that people relied on family, friends and neighbors for physician recommendations, it’s now commonplace to search online for physician ratings and reviews. It shouldn’t be a surprise that 88% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

Patients find value in being understood and having their questions and concerns validated by people who have been through the same experience. This not only helps them decide on which doctors to choose, but also helps them receive the right care. Studies have shown that patients have better outcomes when they engage in peer support (called peer-to-peer healthcare) to help them find clinical trials.


The Unique Challenges of Communicating the Clinical Trial Experience

Clinical trials add a new layer of questions on top of the typical healthcare related concerns. Participating in a clinical study involves many unfamiliar steps for patients such as consent and screening as well as unique time commitments.

Beyond knowing things like the clinical trial phases, patients want to know what the trial site experience was like for other people, and will have questions such as:

  • Would other patients recommend the research center?
  • How was the office environment in terms of cleanliness, accessibility, and comfort?
  • How well did the Nurse/Physician explain the clinical trial process?
  • How well did the Nurse/Physician listen and answer questions?
  • Was the total wait time in waiting and exam rooms appropriate?


Comfort and Confidence to Join Medical Trials

It’s time to give patients the direct feedback and perspective from people who have already been through clinical trials. Clinical trials are a unique healthcare experience, and the unknown is intimidating. Ratings and reviews from patients will help prospective patients, new to the process, feel comfortable and more confident in pursuing more information about research centers and the clinical trials they are conducting.

Want to learn more? Read “The Guide to Re-thinking Patient Clinical Trial Engagement".

Written by Colin Myers

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