Rachael Pollinger - Nov 20, 2018

It’s All About the Clinical Trial Site


The current process of a patient learning about relevant clinical trial opportunities quickly directs them to the detailed clinical trial description webpages themselves.

The patient is faced with clinical trial names and descriptions that are highly technical and geared towards a clinical audience. This is a confusing, overwhelming experience for many people that quickly dead ends at a wall of science, not a welcoming destination for learning, acclimation and comfort.

Familiarize Patients With Your Clinical Trial Site

We need to take a step back and spend more time familiarizing patients with the research centers themselves.

Patients want to learn about the clinicians and their experience in clinical research.

They want to see pictures of the research center and their staff.

Highlighting expertise and awards that speak to the quality and importance of their research goes a long way towards building trust. It helps patients feel more comfortable taking that next step to learn more about clinical trial opportunities.

Focus on These Top Clinical Trial Site Attributes

A research institution should focus on three things when telling their story:

1. Experience

People who are first thinking about clinical trials want to know how many trials and for how long the providers and researchers have been engaged in clinical research. What is the breadth and depth of your clinical research in terms of therapeutic areas?

2. Infrastructure

One of the early questions on a patient’s mind is “how easy is it to get to the site?” We want to share the number of convenient locations there are. Is there parking? Are all the labs and necessary monitoring equipment on site? How will they be monitored?

3. Quality

What types of licensure, certifications, awards and recognition has the organization received in conducting clinical research?

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Written by Rachael Pollinger

Rachael Pollinger is the marketing lead at TrialScout. When she is not blogging, Rachael oversees the content creation, social media and events for our company. After graduating from Niagara University, she began her career in the marketing department at a local healthcare organization where she learned graphic design, social media marketing, community relations and print advertising. In her free time, she enjoys cycling through the city of Buffalo and exploring new coffee shops.

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