History of Clinical Trials

The [Somewhat] Secret History of the Clinical Trial: A toast to the Salisbury and the Diffusion of Innovation

Clinical Trials Day is as good an arbitrary day of recognition as there is. As someone whose full-time focus is on the patient experience in clinical research, I know I bring biases to that...
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Clinical Research

Airbnb, The Fairmont, & JP Morgan 2019: Lessons in Optimizing the Patient Experience in Clinical Trials.

As anyone who has walked the streets of San Francisco in January knows, a map without topography is incomplete in important ways. The map fails because it fails to capture the experience of the...
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Irfan Khan, MD

Dr. Irfan Khan is a cardiologist and the CEO of Circuit Clinical, the maker of TrialScout, the first ratings and reviews platform for people seeking clinical trial options. An evangelist for the power of the patient experience to transform the discovery of new medicines, Irfan speaks frequently on the intersection between technology, healthcare, and clinical research.

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